Spa treatments, Manchester

Bali Health Lounge Treatment Room
Bali Health Lounge Treatment Room

Spa Treatments at the Bali Health Lounge, Manchester

As the name suggests, I was expecting to walk into the Bali Health Lounge and experience a slice of Asia. Although the experience was a veritable mix of traditional Balinese styles combined with new Manchester neon, the Bali Health Lounge does provide an oasis away from the bustle of this busy Northern city to enjoy a pampering spa treatment in Manchester.

What’s It Like?

Hidden amongst the outskirts of Manchester’s China Town, entering the Bali Health Lounge feels as if you’re actually heading upstairs into one of the many Asian restaurants that make up this street. But once inside, it’s clear this a relaxed, health and beauty establishment.

Payot, the professional skincare line from Switzerland is their brand of choice. It adorns every wall within their reception area, before you reach their reception to be greeted with a warm welcome and an obligatory and necessary consultation form to be filled out before your appointment.

Bali Health Lounge

Bali Health Lounge

Their lounge area is set up to accommodate groups looking to enjoy an afternoon spa experience – an interesting mix of Asian teas, combined with Manchester pastry goodness – before being whisked upstairs to either their first floor manicure and pedicure area, or their top floor Quiet Zone where the more traditional health spa treatments take place.

15 spa treatment rooms adorn this top floor space, all neatly sectioned off from one another with low lighting, dark wood and Balinese wooden ornaments. Once inside your room, the darkness and oriental music helps to calm your mind and you definitely start to feel Zen.

30 Minute Aromatherapy Back Massage, Spa Treatments Manchester

I’m never sure whether you truly get the best results from a 30-minute massage treatment. No sooner have you lain yourself down on the treatment bed, enjoying the comfort of the fluffy covers, pre-heated bed and a bit of pampering before you’re being told it’s all over and it’s time to get dressed and go again. I’m also a person who enjoys a massage that really sorts out those permanent knots and crunches around your shoulders and lower back, rather than having delicate hands float across your back, to absorb the rich oils. At the Bali Health Lounge, the aromatherapy massage is definitely an experience to relax you rather than fix you. Warm oils and a soft touch massage are genuinely pleasant. It’s enjoyable, relaxing and does exactly what it says on the menu, but it just left me wanting more.

Bali Health Lounge Treatment Room

Bali Health Lounge Treatment Room

Is it for Me?

If you’re looking for some ‘me time’ whilst in the city of Manchester and want to combine your northern experience with a touch of Asian style, then why not try out the Bali Health Lounge. You get complimentary drinks! I’d suggest booking for a treatment that lasts at least 60 minutes to really gain the benefits. Or book in a group of you for an eclectic and slightly surreal experience – indulge in an Eccles cake whilst sipping on an Oolong tea.




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