London Bridge Plastic Surgery, London

London Bridge Plastic Surgery

London Bridge Plastic Surgery

If going under the knife fills you with dread, a plastic surgery clinic may not be your first port of call for an anti-ageing treatment. But the London Bridge Plastic Surgery (LBPS) clinic, not only offers cosmetic surgery, but also superior, advanced facials from their highly skilled medical aesthetics team.

As a flagship SkinCeuticals Skin Health Clinic, LBPS offers state of the art skin treatments for pigmentation, redness/rosacea, acne & acne scarring, wrinkle and anti-ageing treatments to keep you looking your best, without a knife in site.


Why Is This Clinique So Unique?

This LBPS clinic is distinctive not only in treatment options, but also in their consultations. They have the latest technological ability to provide the best skin analysis on the market. Their Visia machine provides you with a 360 degree skin check, analysing everything from pore size to sun damage. Despite an often disappointing starting point, your analysis is visible straight away and so forms the basis of your forthcoming treatment options. By undergoing this type of analysis at the beginning of your skin programme, it’s also one of the most effective ways to track your progress. Completing a second analysis post treatment, the improvements in your skin are evident.

The Skin Health Clinic at London Bridge Plastic Surgery

The Skin Health Clinic at London Bridge Plastic Surgery

LBPS skin health clinic is a large, modern and spacious treatment room. It’s provides a welcoming atmosphere for any newcomer to the aesthetics world. Cheryl, the main aesthetician has an excellent manner to make you feel right at ease as you walk through the door. Her knowledge is unparalleled in treating a variety of skin issues, explaining your options clearly, whilst outlining any limitations the treatments can entail.



Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

After my consultation Cheryl opted for the Harmony Laser 360 Skin Rejuvenation to help tighten the skin around my eyes, my biggest area of concern. Laser 360 is a new aesthetic treatment that combines three technologies into a single, treatment plan to help achieve younger looking skin. I was looking for a firmer, taughter skin result around my eyes to regain a more youthful, contoured appearance which would take place over the course of six treatments.  The first treatment lasted around 30 minutes and was relatively painfree. Afterwards, there was an immediately visible tightened effect and a noticeable difference in what I always referred to as tiredness. I’ve yet to complete the rest of the course but initial results are promising!


The beautiful interior of London Bridge Plastic Surgery

The beautiful interior of London Bridge Plastic Surgery

Is the Skin Health clinic at the London Bridge Plastic Surgery Right for Me?

Are you looking for the most advanced skin treatments outside of surgical procedures? Then yes, Cheryl at the LBPS clinic can give you one of the best consultations available with an approachable and credible manner. If you have the money for a full treatment programme, then the LBPS skin health clinic will create a suitable and bespoke treatment plan to ensure results. If you’re also thinking of next step procedures, then this clinic offers it all.

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