Cowshed Spa, Shoreditch, London

Cowshed, Shoreditch House
Cowshed, Shoreditch House
Cowshed, Shoreditch House

Cowshed, Shoreditch House

Cowshed Spa takes its unusual name from the creation of their first spa based in Somerset. An old cow shed at the beautiful hotel Babington House hotel converted in 1998 into a serene and relaxing space to host a vast array of revatilising treatments. Not only that, but the clever people behind Cowshed also created a whole host of products under the playful Cowshed name to be incorporated into their daily treatments to provide pampering results for their in-house treatments as well as at home.

Fifteen years on and Cowshed is now an award winning brand, with a host of different spa locations across London and the South East, including Shoreditch and Oxford Street as well as many swanky international locations.


Cowshed Spa, Shoreditch House, London

Cowshed Spa Shoreditch, is primely situated on the ground floor of the private members club and hotel, Shoreditch House in East London. A discreet entrance, leads through to their efficient reception and retail area. The shelves are decorated with their own brand products and gifts. Each shelf hosting a different product range for a chosen mood, with distinctly unique and relevant names such as Moody Cow, Gorgeous Cow and even Knackered Cow. If you look closely enough, you’ll also see the range of SkinCeuticals products situated on their shelves to provide for a range of advanced facial treatments on their menu.

Fabulous Cowshed products, Shoreditch House

Fabulous Cowshed products, Shoreditch House

Cowshed understands the modern women’s need for a bit of time for herself. A row of deep seated, comfortable pedicure chairs and footbaths line the light filled main room of the spa, offering you guessed it, pedicures and manicures. But the real joy of this room is the personal TV screen and headphones for each customer. The TVs show reruns of the infamous Friends programmes and other girly orientated series for you to escape to whilst your treatment is being performed by experienced and friendly therapists.

Downstairs in the compact area of the spa are five treatment rooms, each one decorated to provide a subdued and relaxing environment where body treatments, such as massage and body scrubs take place, as well as highly effective facials.

cowshed treatment

Cowshed Salt Scrub and Massage 90 mins (£110)

I had booked through their efficient on-line system, a Cowshed Salt Scrub and Massage as a 90 minute treatment. It was on the eve of my wedding. I was looking for a brief respite from the stress of wedding planning, as well as wanting my skin to glow on my wedding day. My therapist explained the treatment protocol well, promising I wouldn’t have to take a shower to wash off the salt scrubs, which can always be a bit messy. Instead, she would apply the salt scrub in stages all over my body, but then remove it with heated cloths to achieve a more relaxing effect. Whilst the scrubbing is never going to provide the most tranquil experience, the soft music and low lighting definitely help to give you a sense of escapism.

Once the salt scrubs are removed, your skin left feeling softer than you can recall, the second part of the treatment starts to really give you the calming feel you desire. A full body massage, with beautifully scented oils. I don’t think anything can beat a good massage to help de-stress a tense body or mind and Cowshed doesn’t disappoint.

I left Cowshed, after taking some time in their waiting area, to enjoy a few glasses of lemon infused water feeling stress-free, peaceful and my skin looked radiant.


Is It for Me?

Cowshed spas are completely different in appearance and style, providing a variety of options for your desired outcome. Babington House offers the ultimate spa break – book in for an overnight stay in one of their stunning hotel rooms and be truly spoilt in their spa. Cowshed Selfridges offers treatments to suit a time-sensitive customer in their boutique spa in Selfridges. Cowshed Shoreditch House, offers you something in between. All the outlets do offer quality therapists, a slick service and superior value treatments. You won’t be disappointed!

Cowshed Spa

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