One Spa, Sheraton, Edinburgh

Edinburgh City Skyline

Edinburgh City Skyline

So, you’ve booked your trip to Edinburgh, the inspiring capital of Scotland. Your itinerary is filled with ideas on discovering the stunning scenery, striking architecture and fine food as well as visiting the many outstanding galleries this vibrant city has to offer. After all, you want to make the most of your time in this beautiful, historic city – but, that can be often be exhausting. So, if you’d really like to ensure you return home feeling re-energised, make sure you take at least one hour out, and book into One Spa Sheraton at the well established Sheraton hotel.


One Spa, at the Sheraton


One Spa at the Sheraton

One Spa is slick. One Spa, can help turn your day around and leave you feeling like you’ve had a weekend break, in just ‘one’ hour. Not many places can help you feel re-energised in such a short space of time. Staff are highly trained in looking after you every step of the way and their attention to detail is second to none. Even your treatment can be created bespoke, determined purely on your mood at that time.


The changing rooms, reception staff and facilities at One Spa are at the high level expected of a spa that also hosts a membership offering, but once your therapist leads you down the sedately lit corridor to your private treatment room, an elevated sense of general wellbeing washes over you.



One Spa, Intensive Facial (55 mins)

The One Spa Intensive Facial is said to ‘naturally improve the condition of the skin and enhance its appearance’. It starts with determining the right oils to use for your current state of mind. Two sets of beautiful smelling aromas are wafted in front of you, to determine which ones suit your mood best at that time.

Double cleansing, facial massage, a mask and a head massage follow as the core ingredients of this facial. It’s not overly complicated, but it’s carried out with expert precision and only leaves you wanting more. Whilst your skin might not look transformed, your energy will be.


Waiting area, One Spa, Edinburgh



After Treatment

One Spa has a relaxation room, especially for your after treatment time. Here, you can lie down, tucked up in blankets your therapist will coset around you. It’s purely time for you to read magazines, drink copious amounts of lemon infused water and naturally prolong your rejuvenated after treatment feeling. It’s a nice touch, and it’s needed. There’s no way after 55 minutes you want to leave One Spa and head out into the Edinburgh chill.


Is it for Me?

One Spa’s tag line is “Be at One – Take Time Out to Re-energise Your Mind and Body at One Spa in Edinburgh”. I’d agree. Find the time to visit and enjoy the experience. It’s the re-energising you’re after, and that’s one special touch One Spa can provide.


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