APIVITA Greek Skincare & Beehive Spa, Athens

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Athens Olympic Park

Athens Olympic Park


Greece’s influence on the world is momentous. The birthplace of democracy, the source of Western philosophy, founder of the Olympic Games and world leaders in major scientific and mathematic principles, Greece is considered the cradle of Western Civilisation. In recent years, the country’s achievements may seem slightly less significant in comparison, yet due to it’s current economical infamous situation – Greece is still making a name for itself.



Greece in Modern Times

With modest investment currently available for cultural, sporting and new business opportunities in this unstable southern European country, few companies have created a breakthrough business model and made it a success. Yet, one company in the health and beauty world is pushing forward, battling against the country’s troubled times. APIVITA is taking Greece’s heritage and natural resources to new limits, producing some of the world’s leading, innovative and efficacious natural, skincare products currently available on the market.



APIVITA, meaning ‘Life of the Bee’ is a concept created by two Greek pharmacists, Nikos and Niki Koutsiana. Inspired by the honeybee society, the unique biodiversity of Greek nature and the holistic approach of Hippocrates’ philosophy to health, beauty and well-being, the two healthcare pioneers created a range of natural cosmetics. Each product takes their ingredients from beekeeping, Greek herb extracts and pure essential oils.
Today, APIVITA is a global, well-established company offering over 300 natural, holistic and effective products for the face, body and hair. The company values have also stayed strong. Since the formation of the company in 1979, the same philosophy, social responsibility, heritage and innovative outlook has remained at the core. It’s one of the reasons, why APIVITA has avoided the troubled times of Greece’s economy. Apivita has grown to deliver new concepts, innovative products and unique spas and stores. Their latest launch – a concept store and spa in Athens – continues their inspirational thinking and delivers a much-needed boost to Athens city centre.


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Situated just off the main strip of luxury shopping outlets in the centre of Athens, sits the new APIVITA Concept Store. Five floors dedicated to providing you with the full Greek and APIVITA philosophical experience. From incredible spa treatments at the top floor Beehive Spa through to the second level Hippocrates lecture hall, a whole floor dedicated to educating consumers on the Hippocratic holistic approach to health, beauty and well-being.



Greek Honey, Bees and Herbs

Photo 28-03-2015 08 55 48The ground floor is a veritable hive of the Apivita experience, where the company’s ranges of products, decorate the black and white walls and cocoon the symbolic olive tree planted in the middle of the store. Each of the products remain true to the APIVITA core philosophy to provide natural products that deliver results (read the full review of the APIVITA products HERE). Take the lift to the first floor and discover their very own juice and detox bar – the first organic juice bar in Athens. While you’re there, discover another of APIVITA’s unique ideas – the Personal products creation.


Photo 28-03-2015 10 40 48Personal: Tailor Made Natural Cosmetics

On the first floor, Apivita introduces their concept of a Natural Pharmacy. With the help of a qualified pharmacist and aromatherapy specialist, they will create a personal product for each individual customer, combining essential oils and aromatherapy as well as different active ingredients such as vitamins and minerals depending on the needs of the skin or the hair. Each product is bottled in their signature Personal bottle.


Beehive Spa

Photo 28-03-2015 08 59 33On the top floor of the Apivita concept store the real essence of the holistic experience comes alive at the Beehive Spa. It is a beautiful sanctuary created in the form of a beehive – the spa cabins are made of real wooden beehive parts and the ceiling is made of honey tinted crystal elements – it’s a true beehive experience (minus the bees). The spa menu offers a variety of of Hippocratic treatments – from their signature massage treatments through to detox facials.


Beehive Spa Detox Facial (75 mins)

The Detox Facial is a thorough skin clean out to leave you glowing. It’s an excellent treatment, elevated by the efficacious APIVITA products and the therapist’s experience. Every step of the way you’re guided through the treatment’s benefits as well as the products used to treat your skin – it’s rare to find such a balance today, but APIVITA creates the mix exceptionally well. The detox facial starts with a double cleanse, tone and lymphatic drainage facial massage. Steaming, the painful process of extractions, and a mask follow, dependant on your skin’s requirements, and reactions to the products used. Whilst the mask is doing its wonders, you’re treated to a hand and arm massage, before the finishing touches of moisturising and sunscreen are applied. It’s not a complicated facial, but it’s expertly applied and the effects are incredible. My skin felt so clean post facial and it definitely glowed more than I can remember, despite me having the awful effects of a full on cold.

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Is it for Me?

Photo 28-03-2015 10 38 49The APIVITA concept store is a must do visit whilst in Athens. Discover their products at this unique concept store and spa, understand their inspiring philosophy and indulge in an incredible treatment – it’s so interesting, unique and beneficial to any woman, you won’t want to miss out.

You’ll also find their products to be so effective, natural and reasonable – there’s not a sting in site.

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